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Day Five: Destination Oklahoma City

Day five started rainy and cold, but no snow! Yay! We were concerned about the storms that were going through Oklahoma that day, but we had already been driving with them and they passed us by! Another fantastic, out of the way museum was found in Elk City, Oklahoma. It is the Route 66 Museum. We "drove" down Route 66 in a pink Cadillac, watched the "Creature from the Black Lagoon" at a drive in from the back seat of an Impala, Leif relived a childhood dream and slid down a brass fire pole! and had a great time wandering through the museum and the replicated old town. We met the local blacksmith and he regaled us with tornado stories and showed us a fun place to eat lunch. Enjoy a few of the pictures we took.

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Ron Kocol
Ron Kocol
Apr 03

Figures we'd find Roxy and Dwight in the back seat😲

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