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Day Three: The Most Adventurous Yet!

Day three started out beautiful! We were excited to be on the road in sunshine for once! Unfortunately, the storm that we had during the night was going through Flagstaff which was the direction we were going. I40 was closed just East of Kingman, AZ. We decided to go South of the storm and that's where the adventure began! We drove South on 93 and our map told us to turn left at the bottom of a big hill! We turned left on I96 aka Bagdad Rd. We were immediately on a two-lane road that was like a roller coaster! We found a wide spot to "discuss" what the map was telling us and decided to take some pictures. After much discussion we decided to take a chance on I96 and what a BEAUTIFUL drive! We all had the most fantastic time driving on the road. If any of you have seen the movie "Cars" the road was just like the winding one in the movie. We finally got to Prescott, AZ and laughed our way through lunch and decided to finish our journey to Gallup, NM, with a stop in Winslow, AZ. Of course, we caught back up to the storm just East of Holbrook, AZ but made it safely to our destination. Cheryl is now the official "NAG-ivator". LOL! Enjoy the pictures! We also have some on the North Olympic Mustangs Facebook page.

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